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Here at the Los Cabos International Film Festival we were joined by two young documentary directors Bruno Bancalari and Juan Pablo Lopez-Fonseca who have presented to the world their first collaboration Hasta la Raíz (down to the roots) a documentary film based on the life and work of Mexican singer-songwriter Natalia Lafourcade who after being inspired by the sun and the beaches of Los Cabos took creative residence at the El Ganzo hotel here and recorded her most recent material. 


“I met Natalia at the beginning of 2014 when she an artist in residence at El Ganzo Hotel, were we recorded a bit of her experience there and a few months later we all gathered to view the footage we had shot and we started to think about the possibility to continue to register all that could happen with recording of the new record.

“We did have as an objective to be with Natalia, observe her working, and be present during those creative and intimate moments with Natalia”.

The result of the directors’ efforts is more than just a visual diary of artist Natalia Lafourcade but a view in to the inner workings of the creative process of one of Mexico’s notable contemporary artists.

“Very interesting things were happening, some very intimate moments that were happening in the recording studio. Our goal was to register the transformation of this record from its inspiration at the beginning in the studio of the El Ganzo Hotel thru its travels to the Latin Grammys, her and the public singing the songs during her theater tour throughout the country.”

More can be expected from this team of film makers in the future since doors have swung open for them and they’re newly formed production company. As for Natalia Lafourcade one can only imagine the far reaching scope accessible to this raising star. 

“I’m very happy, I knew there was no better place to  present the documentary, we all wanted to return to Los Cabos to feel it’s atmosphere, to rest a bit and then view the film as a family that were now are and we’re super proud and happy and ready to enjoy.”

With information by Armando Figaredo this is Tony Perez for Cabo News…Today. 

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