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Los Cabos prepares to bid the year farewell with wonderful weather, allowing travelers to enjoy their desert adventures to the fullest, such as camel riding, and in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, ushering in whale-watching season. While enjoying unique landscapes, such as the sunsets seen at this time of year over the Baja California Sur peninsula, you can also partake in the Art Walk, and culinary events such as Sabor a Cabo.
We invite you to welcome 2017 on Médano Beach, where every year there is a spectacular fireworks show to ring in the New Year, as well as special meals prepared by local restaurants in the beautiful bay of Los Cabos.

For the fifth edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, which took place from November 9 to 13, there was a celebration worthy of its first five years.
As one of the nation's leading cinematographic cultural offerings, as well as an international benchmark, for the fifth consecutive year the festival presented a film program that seeks to foster collaborative ties between film industry professionals in Mexico and Latin America, and those in North America. As part of its continuing growth, this year the Festival announced its alliance with Cinemex, which became the official sponsor of the festival, under the banner “Los Cabos International Film Festival Presented by Cinemex”.

The main objectives of this event are to increase hotel occupancy, strengthen primary markets, the search for and opening of new markets, and to support newly opened flights, as well as to consolidate and strengthen relationships with the area’s main commercial partners. The Sheraton Grand Hacienda del Mar served as the host hotel, while the new Grand Velas Los Cabos Hotel opened the proceedings with a welcoming cocktail reception, and the spectacular closing event was held at the San Carlos Canyon.



In addition to the successes of the Film Festival and the VIP Summit, and in recognition of its exceptional golf courses and unique natural environment, Los Cabos is proud to be named the “2017 Golf Destination of the Year in Latin America and the Caribbean" by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), the global golf tourism organization. The award was announced on November 17 at a gala dinner at the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) held in the city of Palma, Mallorca. Esteban Toledo, multiple winner of the PGA Champions Tour, is the official golf ambassador of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

Adding to the red carpet events in Los Cabos, the tenth edition of the Los Cabos VIP Summit 2016 took place from November 14 to 17, organized by the Los Cabos Tourism Board.
It is the most important business event of the year for the location, bringing together investors, hoteliers, tourism promoters and various representatives of the Los Cabos tourism industry with its main international business partners, such as travel agencies, airlines and tour operators. This year more than 300 participants attended, including the main tour operators and wholesalers from the primary markets for Los Cabos, such as the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as a significant presence from emerging markets in the UK, Russia, Brazil and Australia, who held more than 2,100 business meetings.

As for sporting events, on November 6, the Sunday after the extraordinary Ironman, Los Cabos was once again host to an important event: the Los Cabos Triathlon 2016. Framed by contrasting seaside and desert landscapes, 800 competitors from around the country participated in this 17-date Premium Series for the Mexican Triathlon Federation (FMTRI). It is worth nothing that this was also a qualifying event for triathletes in various age categories, for the Rotterdam Triathlon World Championship, Netherlands 2017.
The event started at 6:50 am on the beach at Ocho Cascadas. The sprint category began with a 750-meter swim, followed by a 20km cycling route, and finishing with a 5k race. In the Olympic category, there were 1.5k of swimming, 40k of cycling and a 10k race. The participants had four hours to cover those Olympic distances, and the finish line was at Plaza Puerto Paraiso. The winner of the elite male category was Fabian Villanueva, with a time of 2 hours five minutes and 26 seconds. The female winner in the same category: Amalia Sánchez, with a time of two hours, 19 minutes and 23 seconds.




With all the activities and restaurants there are in Los Cabos, seeing art might end up last on your list of things to do, but here are some reasons to make it a part of your next visit. Inspiration is always trending here. There are a unique variety of galleries, and artists from across multiple disciplines in Los Cabos. It is a must-see destination for visiting art lovers, and ideal for anyone who wants to discover something new, or even speak to emerging artists.

See the artwork of Álvaro Blancarte, a Mexican artist from Culiacán, Sinaloa on Avenida Tendencia every day from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Exhibit is open to the public until January 17, 2017. For more information, contact
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Art Walk is back in San Jose del Cabo for another exciting season! Starting on Thursday, October 27th, the popular weekly event will be held every Thursday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m until June. The Art Walk, created by the District Gallery Association, allows tourists and locals to explore the colorful streets of San Jose del Cabo. During this season, the main street, Obregon, becomes a pedestrian zone, so visitors can enjoy an evening stroll in the area, visit various art galleries, have a glass of wine, and dine at local restaurants. Special events are often held in the galleries, such as “Meet the Artist”, or opening receptions for new exhibits.


An event full of tradition and culinary identity, bringing forward traditional recipes that are 100% Los Cabos, as prepared by the talents of the most renowned chefs in the area. The setting is the countryside where this wonderful corner of Mexico has its roots; alongside artisanal and cultural displays, in which artisans from all over the highlands, the countryside and the coast, proudly share what is 100% made in Los Cabos. The Organic Huerta Huerta Los Tamarindos in the Municipality of Los Cabos was chosen as the headquarters for this event.
Entry fees: $ 500.00 pesos for adults and $250.00 pesos for children under 12


This festival of International Gastronomy and Wines was started in 2005 by the CANIRAC Los Cabos, which is the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry for the region, and it benefits local institutions such as The Fire Department and the Red Cross. The union of a culinary legacy that merges the talents of prestigious chefs from different parts of the country and around the world, along with the generous bounty of food provided by our land and seas, all converge in the most important culinary event of the year in Los Cabos, celebrating tradition, enchanting palates, and charming guests with exquisite details, unparalleled flavors and unique textures ... with a Taste of Cabo.

This year's event will feature some of the best chefs in Los Cabos, including Angel Carbajal from Nick-San, Jesus Castro from Edith's, and Enrique Silva from Huerta Los Tamarindos, as well as the Mexican pop and Latin rock band, Maná. For more information visit



Enjoy an intimate and action packed encounter on a whale-watching tour from Cabo Expeditions. Come aboard the Zodiac, a speedboat, and sail off in search of an educational adventure filled with excitement - we know exactly where to find whales! Let an experienced captain show you why Los Cabos is "The Place" for humpback whale watching. The Sea of Cortez is home to many species every season, including gray whales, sperm whales, the elusive blue whales, and occasional groups of dolphins and killer whales.
For more information visit:


This adventure is about to celebrate its 6th anniversary. One of the great moments of Cabo Adventures was in January 2011, when the camels joined us to become the stars of Outback & Camel Safari, an eco-adventure that is simply unforgettable. Enjoy a 20-minute camel ride overlooking the Pacific. To complement the camel ride, Cape Adventures recommends taking a Unimogs (four-wheel drive vehicle) ride to discover the heart of Baja. The camel ride on the beach of Rancho San Cristobal makes this adventure one of the most exclusive in the entire region. During these winter months, watch closely, and you might spot humpback whales.


Flora Farms is an organic farm covering more than 100,000 square meters, located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains in San José del Cabo. Among its most visited areas is the Flora's Field Kitchen restaurant, which offers themed, cooking classes. During this season, roasted vegetable tacos with different sauces are prepared on Tuesdays, and on Fridays the class is on regional sauces. In both classes, you will learn how to make handmade tortillas with nixtamal, and you can enjoy very original cocktails prepared with ingredients from the farm, such as cucumber martinis. The cooking classes use local produce, and include a tour through which you can visit the farm, the orchards, and Flora Farm Grocery, a store selling organic products sourced from the farm, such as meats, canned goods and artisanal breads. Located in Animas Bajas, San José del Cabo. Only a 15-minute drive from downtown San Jose del Cabo.
For more information and reservations
Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



From approximately December 15 to April 15, more species of whales migrate to Los Cabos than anywhere else in the world. The whale watching here is spectacular, either from the beaches or from a boat. Each year, early in the winter, there are hundreds of whales migrating from the icy waters of the Arctic to the cool currents of northern Mexico. From December to March there is no better place to see this natural wonder than Los Cabos. The whales make a journey of 19,000 kilometers, stay along the Mexican coasts during the winter, and begin their return trip at the end of March. Pleasant weather, shallow waters, and abundant marine life make the Baja California peninsula a perfect place to give birth and raise their calves. Of the 11 species of whales known in the world, eight come to Mexican coasts, including Minke, Bryde, Sei, humpback, gray and blue whales. Their six-month journey is the longest journey of all migratory species on the planet. There are several ways to observe these magnificent cetaceans in their natural habitat. Some companies offer whale-watching tours aboard inflatable speedboats, which makes for a pleasant and educational trip.

Observing from the beach, with a pair of powerful binoculars, is an option for those who prefer not to board the boats. You only need a good observation spot, and some patience. The whale sanctuary at Bahía Magdalena and the San Ignacio lagoon are among the best places in the area to watch for whales.


With a pleasant Mexican ambiance in a stylish but casual, palm-roofed space, Chef Tadd Chapman, a Canadian in love with Mexico, offers contemporary Baja California cuisine sourced with fresh, high quality local ingredients. The focus is on contemporary low-fusion dishes that will give you an eclectic culinary experience with a Mexican twist. You can also enjoy 120 different wines from the Guadalupe Valley and the very refreshing Ice Wine from Canada. This spacious, newly remodeled property is located in the heart of San Jose del Cabo and is a unique experience for those who enjoy fine dining.

For more information, visit:


On Friday November 11, the El Merkado culinary center opened, a one-stop-shop for food of all kinds. Meat, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines, artisanal pizzas, fresh pasta, and coffee are just some of the items that are available, making it an ideal place for families, couples or business trips.

El Merkado is a modern and innovative concept for the acquisition and distribution of food, a perfect addition to a gourmet destination like Los Cabos. Inspired by the great markets of Europe and located in the exclusive Koral shopping center, it covers 3,500 square meters, with two floors and a basement.

Carr. Transpeninsular Km. 24.5, San José del Cabo, B.C.S.

For more information visit:



The journey from kitchen to table begins in 1920, when six sisters from Naples learned the ways of the kitchen from their mother Donna Elena. Each of them became an inspired cook, creating their own personal specialties that defy borders, while maintaining their roots in southern Italy. With a mission to surprise and spoil their customers with inspiring Neapolitan recipes, they use authentic Italian ingredients and present them in a unique ways as "Nuova Cucina Napoletana”. Born in Naples, Head Chef Paolo Della Corte trained with various Michelin-starred chefs in Europe, and offers his special focaccia, homemade pasta and fresh mozzarella made in-house, prepared according to Neapolitan traditions and cut into different shapes and recipes: natural, smoked, ciliegine and pettola with prosciutto di Parma. You can expect the best dishes at Pan Di Bacco, paired with regional wines.

Ignacio Zaragoza S / N. Between Blvd. Marina and Lázaro Cárdenas. Col. Centro, Cabo San Lucas, B

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