Organized tournament of international paellas

This morning a press conference was organized with the aim of publicizing the first edition of the International Paellas Tournament.

Lucy Trasviña, organizer: ...

"Well, very happy that this dream came true."

This contest will have cash prizes for the participants and for the attendees who will be given a group to try to guess the result.

Carlos Estrabeau, Coordinator: ...

"There will be around 25 or 30 teams, it costs $ 1000 to enter because there is a prize pool, we can not say at this moment how much it is, but it's not a small prize it's a good prize pool, we expect an average of 500, 600 attendees and we have it suitable for up to 1000 people "

The decision of the winners will be of recognized chefs of the layers, as well as guest chefs like Eduardo Palazuelos and Javier Plascencia, both with an admirable trajectory.

Eduardo Palazuelos, Guest Chef: ...

"Los Cabos from my point of view in gastronomic matters, has evolved in an impressive way in recent years and today you find incredible world-class dining options in this tourist destination, and that makes it very special, this event has everything to make a great event that is repeated year after year in the destination and that helps them to consolidate even more the offer that has been growing here, which is incredible ".

Also the jury will be the chef Gerardo Rivera, Edgar Roman, Volker Romeike and Armando Montaño

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