"Sabor a Cabo" 2018 was a total success with Miguel Bosé as dessert.

In an interview, Edith Jiménez, renowned restaurant owner in this destination as well as director and pioneer of the "Sabor A Cabo Festival”, acknowledged the efforts of all the organizers and the positive results of the event, "We are incredibly proud of how we´’ve been planning from seven or eight months and today we are seeing the result and the benefits of Sabor a Cabo for all those present. [...] We reunited the whole "heavy" group, as Poncho Varitas calls them and here we are, this is it ".

Also the president of CANIRAC Los Cabos, Gustavo Laborde  pointed out … “it’s not only has been a gastronomical success, but also helps the community by donating  two fire trucks and an ambulance to the Mexican Red Cross in Los Cabos. It’s important to distinguish all the participating partners and collaborators as well.

The event occurred and provided: impressive gastronomy from sixty restaurants, thirty-five wineries, six breweries, chefs and all the people who have attended year after year. A special thanks to all the CANIRAC partner restaurants that have created this event with a cause, generating proceeds that have allowed donations to the Fire Department and Los Cabos Mexican Red Cross as well, we are very happy to be here. "

Closing the event with a concert by Panamanian born – Spanish citizen, singer Miguel Bosé who called himself "…the sweet dessert for the event.  It is going to be the most delicious of all, with the forgiveness of all the great chefs of Los Cabos.  Let's savor this dessert simmered for so long, for more than forty years. It’s nothing more and nothing less than my musical career which we are going to walk thru tonight… " said the well-received distinguished artist.

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