Unusual School of Sharks


Recently during an underwater expedition for the preservation of the sea at Revillagigedo Archipelago in the Mexican Pacific, the “Sea Watch” team witnessed an unusual natural event: the presence of dozens of sharks.

The encounter occurred near the Isla Partida rock; after diving around this submarine mountain, several species of fish were encountered with the white tip sharks, one of the few species of shark that can breathe while at rest.

Almost at the end, an unprecedented shoal of sharks appeared, captivating immediately the attention of all the photographers that began recording these wonderful images.

Those who had left the water were back again with no oxygen tanks to take some scenes and record this extraordinary event which is one of the dreams of every diver.

According to scientific studies sharks are not a species that travels in large groups, with the exception of hammerhead sharks that travel in large schools that reach or exceed 100 to 200.

It is not common to see many sharks of different species simultaneously, especially in this area where the best spot has reached up to 8 or 10 simultaneously.

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