Sharks of Mexico (Conclusions and illegal fishing)

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The existence of sharks dates back to over 400 million years and since then it has belonged to the group of top predators, meaning that they feed on other secondary predators, regulating their size and population.

Due to illegal fishing –of which there is no accurate record- it is estimated that between 150 and 200 million sharks are killed each year mainly for their fin, which has great commercial value in Asian markets, endangering the marine ecological balance. In this series we have presented the work of divers who seek not only to inform about the sharks that inhabit the seas of Mexico but also to show they are not cold blood assassins as it is commonly thought, and that they play a vital role in the ecosystem of the sea.

Failure to protect them will result in some species being at risk of extinction, a condition that would irreversibly affect the food chain of the seas. Gerardo del Villar, underwater videographer: "... they are not ruthless murderers but misunderstood predators. We are the ones entering their habitat, so if there are incidents they are not to blame. It is our own fault. We are then not speaking of attacks, but rather of incidents by mistaken identity ".

Hector Salgado, underwater videographer: "... I think in Mexico sometimes does not have the tools to bring you closer to the people." (BIND) "I think that's the message, try to see the sharks is a part of the ecosystem over there to take care of our planet Earth."

Becky Shot, underwater filmmaker: (INGLES) "...

Paul Spielvogel, underwater photographer: (INGLES)

Various complaints of wrongdoing that affect the sea, its flora and fauna, have been released by Televisa News thanks to reports handed by recreational divers and marine enthusiasts on video and photos in an attempt to draw public and government attention to seek solutions to systematic predation, overfishing and illegal fishing.

Gerardo del Villar, underwater videographer: "... it is impossible to monitor. That’s why I am firm believer that rather than policing, what we should be doing is educate the coming generations in protecting sharks." We can conclude then, that irrational and illegal fishing of sharks will prevail if surveillance is not increased and the practice of consuming shark fin continues with impunity.

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