Mercedes Benz cocktail at Palmilla Los Cabos.

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The Mercedes Benz cocktail took place last week at Palmilla with a beautiful setting overlooking the beach. This event was to introduce a new model offered to a younger market. Why is it attractive to the younger generation?

Benjamin Luna explains… “It’s an impressive and very beautiful car”  “With this design they surely will show of themselves”.   It’s also a very safe car one of its kind. Benjamin Luna explains …“Its impact security that the CLA has it’s an important feature that this particular modal has it’s a very safe car”.

Benjamin Luna explains ….“What this means is that the car knows when it can possibly hit the car in front and the car applies the brakes automatically, this makes the driver aware of the situation”.

Why Los Cabos?  Pedro Tavera…“We came to Los Cabos because it’s a wonderful Place probably one of the most wonderful places in the world.  We are presenting now one of the marvelous cars in the world the CLA”.
This is one of the most popular cars in the world now available in Los Cabos.

Pedro Tavera…“Its pleasure for us to present this car to the Mexican press and to the local press here in Los Cabos”.  “This car is one of the best cars to introduce in Los Cabos”. This gathering in Palmilla to introsuce the CLA surly has been a success and for certain a very popular and safe car to buy and drive here in Los Cabos.

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