A tribute to Rodrigo Prieto


During the recent 5th edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival

Renowned Mexican director of photography Rodrigo Prieto received due tribute for his work as a film photographer.

In Los Cabos Rodrigo  not only found sunshine and beautiful setting to admire but also wonderful memories of his wife and honeymoon.

During the 90’s while living in Mexico City Rodrigo was constantly shooting commercials, documentaries and some of the films being produced in those days, during the press conference he confirmed something we had talked about 25 years earlier.   

‘I think that for good films to exist there has to be a variety of films made within an industry, for example Hollywood films were simply the reason why I immigrated to the U.S. because there’s a great variety of films made, and having access to them is something I like”

Surely a great challenge that has been very rewarding for Rodrigo at the end of the day” he said to me once while he still lived in Mexico City.

The truth is that Mexican films are living thru a good moment. I think there is a good amount of production and that is the key to be able to have very special films made.” 

The unique talents that D.P. Rodrigo Prieto has in collaboration with all the other elements that make films the extra ordinary event we all enjoy, is well deserving of tributes and recognition on either side of the line.

With information from Armando Figaredo, I’m Tony Perez for Cabo news Today.

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