Press Conference held by Fiturca to present the new PR And Marketing agencies to promote Los Cabos


The Los Cabos Tourism Board held a press conference Last Thursday February 20th at 16:00 hrs in Villas del Palmar with the purpose to present to the local media, hotel association and local community the new PR companies and marketing agencies that will promote Los Cabos as a tourist destination, nationally and internationally.

The Trust FITURCA Los Cabos Tourism have come to a conclusion after a long and exhaustive process. The Technical Committee of FITURCA has chosen the agencies that will work for the next 2 years in the promotion of the destination.

Gaudelli PR and Marketing company will be in charge of: Mexico Public Relations, Creative Image, National and International Media Advertising. CIIC will be in charge of the United Stats Public Relations. Anstic will represent for the first time the Public Relations and Advertising for the Canadian market. Last but not least Cliker 360, a new and edgy company, will lead in digital and media marketing.

It will be exciting to see what these amazing companies will come up with to promote Los Cabos. "Diamond Hotel Opens at Cabo Azul Resort." Cabo Azul hotel is part of the Diamond International Resorts chain which recently opened and is located in the tourist corridor of San José del Cabo. The inagural event was attended by director of Diamond Resorts International, business owners of the area and local media. 

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