Crossfit Los Cabos ribbon cuttin ceremony


The Tourism Board of Los Cabos was proud to announce and be a part of the ribbon cutting ceremony of “CrossFit Los Cabos”. The event took place on Saturday, August 16th at their new location in Plaza San Lucas. At the event, long time CrossFit Los Cabos friend, Jason Khalipa, was present and did the honors of cutting the ribbon.  Jason recently placed third in the 2014 CrossFit Games and is an international icon in this sport.

He is the proud owner of the NorCal CrossFit brand with several locations in California. Jason is a Level 2 CrossFit Certified instructor as well as a certified CrossFit runner, CrossFit Kid's trainer and a CrossFit Power lifter.  On the weekend's he travels around the world to help train the coaches and staff responsible for issuing CrossFit certifications. On this weekend, he made his way to Los Cabos where he trained with CrossFit Los Cabos owners Luis Fernando Calderon and Ivan Mucharraz as well as made a special appearance at the invitation only ribbon cutting event.  He stated, "CrossFit is by far the most effective workout I have ever done and I preach it to everyone as if I was part of a cult. I am so sick of watching people enroll in gyms and not get any results. With CrossFit, if you put in the work you are guaranteed to get results.  I am extremely enthusiastic about where CrossFit is going in the future and I look forward to being a part of it.”

This is yet another example of how Los Cabos is becoming a wellness and fitness destination. Because of the increasingly large sum of people who have join CrossFit around the world, CrossFit Los Cabos is able to welcome "drop ins" and provide vacationers the the opportunity to continue their daily lifestyle in our area.

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