Hospiten opens new facilities in CSL


The Hospiten Group opened, in Cabo San Lucas, its second, first rate hospital in Los Cabos. After inaugurating the one in San José del Cabo two years ago, Hospiten now consolidates its market participation in this world class tourist destination.

With an investment of more than 30 million dollars, Hospiten - Cabo San Lucas is one of the largest and best equipped hospitals in Baja California Sur.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella Suárez, President of the Hospiten Group, as well as other senior executives of the company.

On behalf of the Governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis, Dr. Heriberto Soto, Director of Planning and Development for the Ministry of Health of Baja California Sur, as well as Luis Humberto Araiza, State Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability was there as well as Gabriela Velázquez Dipp, Honorary President of the DIF; recently instated Los Cabos Municipal President Armida Castro Guzmán and various state and municipal authorities also present who recognized the contribution that Hospiten provides in  health services for residents and visitors to Los Cabos.

Company president Dr. Pedro Luis Cobiella Suárez told us, "For us this end of year is very important, not only for having opened our second hospital in Los Cabos, which for us represents a lot, but next January 19th we will be celebrating 50 years since my father and I opened our first hospital. "

With modern facilities located at Trans-Peninsular Highway kilometer 1 at the entrance of Cabo San Lucas and  has 25 rooms, including  Intensive Therapy for isolated patients, two operating rooms, 10 emergency cubicles, 11 doctor's offices, a delivery room, hemodynamic monitoring, an area for radio- diagnosis, 3D and 4D ultrasounds, x-rays, laboratory, among other services.

They also handle various specialties such as: anesthesiology and resuscitation, cardiology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency and intensive care unit and more.

Each area is designed and built with the highest safety and hygiene standards and modern technologies that provide patients with the best possible service.

With almost 50 years of existence and 20 high-level institutions currently in operation, Hospiten Mexico is preset in in four destinations which are Cancun, Rivera Maya, Puerto Vallarta and two in Los Cabos, as well as  Spain, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama.

Company cofounder Mr. Cobiella Suárez also commented: "After Spain my first country is Mexico, we have 5 hospitals here already, because I have always felt identified with Mexico and I like it a lot. It simply said in one sentence: 'Like Mexico, there is only one, so let’s go forward”.


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