$3 million dollars prize to a single team crowns this year’s historic Bisbee's edition.


The 38th edition of the richest and most famous sport fishing tournament in the world: The "Bisbee's Black and Blue 2018" ended this weekend.

 This edition went down in history for having gathered a prize pool of more than four million dollars, and  giving the first place winner a total of $ US 3'049,900 (Three million, forty-nine thousand dollars), to team "Chinito Bonito" commanded by fisherman Charles Lee with a 510 pound marlin. The second place went to team “4 Yahoos” who took home more than $ 544 thousand dollars. The total amount distributed amongst the winners was $ 3,693,625 Dollars.

Clicerio Mercado representative of the Bisbee’s tournaments in Mexico, explained as a historical framework, this millionaire number - the second largest in the history of sport fishing tournaments worldwide – happens when registered teams participate in all bets. He also commented that the Bisbee's award the prizes according to what has been collected and does not depend on particular factors, as one might think.

"Four million, thirty-eight thousand dollars came together, this includes a basic ticket for 114 teams, plus the so-called Pollas or Jackpots. Of course I must tell you that the Chupacabra Challenge is twenty thousand dollars a day, that is, each team that accepts the challenge comes in with sixty thousand dollars in addition to the seventy-one thousand dollars it costs to enter the tournament. If you were looking for magic, well, this is the explanation.

If you ever told me that you imagined Mr. Bob Bisbee and some people, sitting in his office, deciding how much it was going to be, in the year, if four or three, (MDD). No, it’s what comes together from basic registration, that is five thousand dollars and the Pollas that start at 500 and now go up to twenty thousand per day ", explained the Tournament Rep.

As if this were not enough, the thirty-eighth edition of the Bisbee's Black and Blue 2018, also goes down in history as the second richest in prizes granted, being 2006 with the figure to beat of more than four million dollars. In addition "Chinito Bonito", also takes a historic second place with the three time millionaire prize money awarded. 

This edition concluded last Saturday with a grand celebration confirming once again that Los Cabos is the Worlds Headquarters for Sport Fishing.

"On October 29, 2006, during the twenty-sixth edition of the tournament, there were 183 teams but that time they collected four million, one hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars, which converted the Bisbee tournament in The World’s Richest Tournament and today its title is fully recovered.

In addition to another record executed in 2006 by team "Bad Company", who took: Three million, nine hundred ninety two thousand dollars; this time there was 4.5 million, and they (Chinito Bonito) took almost all the cake.

With this it is clear what sport fishing means to Baja California Sur and especially to Los Cabos, Mercado concluded.


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