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During a well-attended press conference at one of Los Cabos luxury hotels, the invitation was announced for the “Culinary Awards, Los Cabos 2018” in its first edition.

Said event will recognize the best in gastronomy in this first class tourist destination.

Awards will be handed out during a gala event next April in Los Cabos to the Best Restaurant, Best Dish, Best Chef, as well as to The Chef Revelation of the Year.

Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares (Director of FITURCA) ... "Gastronomy is a differentiating element of the destination where we are going and we do promotional activities that people who have been in Los Cabos have referred to the authenticity and variety of the gastronomy in Los Cabos both in Cabo San Lucas San José del Cabo,  in restaurants,  in hotels and in all establishments. So we are very happy with this project because we know that it will provide direction elements towards where we should do the promotion of gastronomy”

Jesus Corral, head of the jury explained that local personalities will be invited to be part of the jury committee, who voluntarily will emit their judgments amongst participating duly established restaurants.

Also, it will have the "Culinary Experience" award which will be given by the public through the internet.

"Los Cabos Culinary Award" is a project which seeks to strengthen the image of this tourist destination as a “gastronomic paradise” and is supported by entities such as the Tourism Trust Fund (FITURCA) and the Restaurant Industry National Chamber of commerce (Canirac).

Gustavo Laborde (president CANIRAC Los Cabos) ... "There are great restaurants in Los Cabos, impressive and the truth is that the gastronomy in Los Cabos is as important as golf or fishing, there´s not only Golf in Los Cabos, there is also very good gastronomy and We are going to show it to the whole world "

Registration is open and free of charge through the website.

Participants must be duly established restaurants with a minimum of six months in operation and with an established menu of food and beverages available to the general public.

With information form Gerardo Esquerre, I´m Tony Perez for Cabo News Today.



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