Travco in FITUR 2018

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Travco in FITUR 2018


  1. Armando Figaredo:

We´re here transmitting from the Madrid fair, the 38th edition of FITUR

And we are with Aritz Saenz Castaño and Morgane Mabit of TRAVCO.

Pleases tell us, what is TRAVCO?

  1. Aritz Saenz Castaño, Travco Hotel Dept. Regional Supervisor

It’s a hotel wholesaler, we ask for budgets from hotels from around the world, and the hotels that we have available are the latest the agencies have to offer.

  1. Armando Figaredo:

Tell me what have you come to do here in the Fair. What are you true objectives?

  1. Aritz Saenz Castaño Travco Hotel Dept. Regional Supervisor

We´ve come here to FITUR to focus more on sales. Because here is we are able to collect new clients, more than six thousand tour operators from around the world, and since we are product contractors, we also talk to hotels and we talk about the possibility to collaborate together, so we can purchase from them at good rates and sell to our tour operators around the world.   One could say that the agencies are connected with us and when they are searching for an example, we want to go to Cancun, we then act as a provider and we make an offer in price and hotel depending on how they have made their search. We are business to business, we sell exclusively to the tour agencies, we don´t sell on line, basically  we are a hotel wholesaler.

  1. Armando Figaredo:

What is the importance of this fair?

  1. Aritz Saenz Castaño, Travco Hotel Dept. Regional Supervisor

It´s important to be here, it´s important to make an act of presence and to visit people and the personal contact is yes, of course important human warmth always needs to be present always.

  1. Armando Figaredo:

Your home base is in London?

  1. Aritz Saenz Castaño, Travco Hotel Dept. Regional Supervisor

Yes in London, we have, I believe twelve offices around the world divided into all the continents as Latin America, Europe, in the main cities as are Paris, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona as in the Middle East, in Cairo, we also have in Australia, Beijing in the whole word.

  1. Morgane Mabit,Travco Hotel Contracts and Free sale Mexico

I´m in charge of contracting hotels in Los Cabos, They provide me with the rates, with a yearlong contract and I resell to agencies we have around the world. So then we do the hotel promotion with its description and the hotel promotion for all of them. Our method we use is thru sending newsletters, thru the mail to all the agencies, all the hotels services, the rates and their special offers and also we have sales agents throughout the world.

  1. Armando Figaredo:

How is Los Cabos perceived by these clients?

  1. Morgane Mabit, Travco Hotel Contracts and free sale Mexico

The products in Los Cabos are different than in the rest of Mexico.  It is, we could say, a product considered Super D ´Lux so we promote them with a different kind of public.

  1. Armando Figaredo:

           How have you done with Los Cabos?

  1. Morgane Mabit, Travco Hotel Contracts and Free sale Mexico

Good. We are working on this providing follow up and we are having good response from all. And the hotels are very pleased to see and to be able to see new clients, new nationalities and the agencies are also all very happy as well since they have been asking for new products.

Armando Figaredo:

Thank you and good bye.



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