Foreign residents in Los Cabos and the rest of BCS


According to the National Institute of Migration´s delegate, the largest number of foreign residents in Baja California Sur are registered right here in Los Cabos.

Edgar Castro, Delegate - National Institute of Migration, BCS: "... currently we have in Los Cabos a population of 21 thousand residents; 15 thousand are temporary residents and 6 thousand are permanent residents, in La Paz the numbers are a little less, about 6 thousand ... "

More than 93% are retired seniors from the western part of the United States, 90% of whom are mainly from California and Oregon, followed by Colorado and Arizona; 8% are from western Canada and the rest from other countries.

Edgar Castro, Deleg. Instituto Nal. Of Migration, BCS: "... usually they are older people wh o are retired, also but less are the ones that come with an employment offer ..."

The main reasons for moving to Los Cabos whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis; is precisely the weather, Mexicans hospitality and safety.

 Jacki Mitchener, Residente estadounidense (traducción): “…

“ …el clima es muy agradable, la gente maravillosa es muy tranquilo…”

Greg Pendura, residente canadiense (traducción) : “…hemos conocido gente muy agradable y la gente que conocemos en Los Cabos”

John Mitchener, Residente estadounidense (traducción):  “Nos sentimos muy seguros aquí, la gente es muy agradable y la policía local es muy amable, es un maravilloso lugar para vivir…”

Some even have descendants born here in Los Cabos.

Guy Anderst, residente estadounidense (traducción): “ estamos ahí seis meses al año. Tenemos una hija y dos nietos que nacieron en San José…”

The foreign community in Los Cabos has grown by more than 15% over the last two years.

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