Southwest flight to Los Cabos


A breath of freshness was in the air at the San Diego International Airport as the passengers arriving for the inaugural Southwest flight to Los Cabos documented their belongings, some with golf clubs others with the indispensable companion for Cabo wave lovers, a surfboard.

Simultaneously the sounds of a mariachi band encouraged all passengers to board the Boeing 737-700 Southwest Flight 1213 with a capacity for 143 travelers

Tom Starr, Southwest Executive: "We are excited to bring this kind of fairs, this service, and the wealth of Mexico to our customers here in San Diego"

Expressions of passengers:

"Southwest is the only airline that flies directly to Los Cabos, and we are very excited about traveling on the inaugural flight"

"Direct from San Diego to Los Cabos, who can against that ?, great rates, comfortable schedules, service first, is the best airline"

"Oh! I'm so excited about Southwest flying to Cabo, it's perfect for us "

Lidia Martínez, Southwest Executive: "Start the international service from San Diego to Los Cabos every day from Monday to Sunday"

Guests also received a commemorative Southwest beach bag with Los Cabos decoratively spray painted by an artist

Brad Hawkins, Southwest Communications Officer: "It's full, 143 seats, none empty"

Once onboard Brad Hawkins - Southwest Communications Director remarked: 

"We have a very strong brand, with very sensitive policies, there are no charges for 2 suitcases documented per passenger, there are no charges to change your ticket"

Upon landing, passengers conveyed their joy by clapping and raising their hands as two water truck jets welcomed the aircraft to Los Cabos

Tourism Secretary Ruiz, commented

Genaro Ruíz, Srio. From BCS Tourism: "Welcome to the new Southwest flight that will cover the route San Diego-Los Cabos, very excited because it is already the eighth of a line practically because of the newest that have bet here by Los Cabos, and We have the Angels, Houston, Baltimore, so well this is the reflection of the work and has generated success "

Rodrigo Esponda, Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust commented:

Rodrigo Esponda, Director of the Los Cabos Tourist Trust FITURCA: "Everyone is very friendly and very cordial, as they treat you on the plane, everyone is very kind, they treat you in their offices, it's a corporate culture , They even have these colors that they use in their logo, so they have decorated their offices in the carpets, in the tables "

He also spoke about the style and kindness of the great Southwest Airlines team:

Rodrigo Esponda, Director of FITURCA: "They are real people, when I go to their offices, they are all very nice people, all very pleasant, even the colors that they use in their logo are every ware in the office decor, carpets, tables, everyone is so very friendly, very cordial, the same as how you are treated on the plane, everyone is very friendly, they treat the same in their offices, it’s a corporate culture, so with them the truth is we are with extraordinary friends of our destination. We hope to continue growing and having more routes to Los Cabos”

Steven Swan, Southwest’s Director of Planning and International Routing Strategies shared with Cabo News Today:

Steven Swan, Southwest’s Director of Planning and International Routing Strategies:  "This is one of the most important destinations for our San Diego customers. We are very happy with the performance environment here in Los Cabos and that's why we want to make sure we maintain that capacity and bring more people to Los Cabos"

As far as fares go Southwest is very competitive, depend on the date, conditions and promotions all can be found directly on the Southwest web page as it is one of the few airlines that don’t work with Expedia or any massive reservation company

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