Interview with Manuel Cebrian, Rep for BCS in Europe from FITUR 2019

An Exclusive Interview by Armando Figaredo with Manuel Cebrian, Representative of Baja California Sur in Europe       

From FITUR 2019, Madrid, Spain


Armando Figaredo:

Now that a new flight begins next November 2019, what are the mechanisms? What are the dynamics needed to be able to position Los Cabos and promote it with the airline?

Manuel Cebrian:

You touch on a very important point Armando.

 For us and for the state and Los Cabos, having a direct flight from Europe, is something that with all my experience, I never thought could be achieved. I’ve had the experiences with closing deals for flights to others destinations, but Los Cabos with its positioning, let's say, recent positioning in Europe, having obtained a flight, says much about the richness of the destination and the potential it has, and that a company such as TUI Thompson has decided to fly to Los Cabos directly from Europe, makes it evident that the destination is at the front of the line…

TUI is one of the biggest tour operators, maybe the biggest, one of the most important wholesale operators in the world and the most important one in Europe, they have cruises ships, airplanes, hotels  and a whole line of  products. They make the products and market them through the agencies...

For the time being it will be the United Kingdom. The flight departs from Gatwick, right?

Obviously, since TUI is such a large company, that’s British-German, and by having subsidiaries in other countries; I don’t doubt that we will have traffic from other countries that make the connection with Gatwick. But essentially it’s for the United Kingdom travelers, as you know, they are from Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland; however, what can happen is that other TUIs’, from other countries, after this flight is a success, can decide to start operations with us, like TUI Holland, or TUI Scandinavia, or TUI wherever ...

No, I think it is important that at this moment we are going through so many changes in the promotion of Mexico through the CPTM organization, we must understand that Los Cabos is a destination that is not going to stop, and that we have to be more than ever united to continue promoting the destination, and the complete state and taking advantage of the strategy and positioning that Los Cabos has as an exclusive resort destination.

Translation by Tony Perez Dillon


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