ESPN Impressive exposure at the ATP 250 Los Cabos

An extrordinary display of transmission equipment, trailers, satellite dishes, audio and visual control suites, cameras and a team of more than 80 people including producers, engineers, directors cameraman and technicians, arrived in Los Cabos,  many of them more than a month prior to the event.  

Undeniably ESPN is the worlds most important sporting network

And in meeting the objective of transmitting live via ESPN 3, the network intends to continue broadcasting the annual  world class event.

José Antonio Fernández Geoffrey, Dir. ATP 250 Los Cabos: We have a great partnership wuth ESPN where for the next 10years we will be transmitting all matches since the central court, whereupon not any tournament in the world has it, then will also have coverage internationally in more tan 70 countries, nearly to 90 television stations. What you say?, It tells you that we will be in the 5 continents who will be transmitting more tan 1,300 hours of live production, and speaks to Los Cabos

Genaro Ruíz, Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur: You can see everything that is being done with the Olympics world wide exposure and from approximateley every 40 minutes is appearing Los Cabos, and that income is the big bet of us can make one promotion is the spill’s economic directt, above all the promotion and everything goes on social net of the same tennis professionals

Marcos Gutiérrez, ESPN engineer: Because they are at least one month of preparation, if watching even the preparation of team 2,3 days earlier in what comes out, because we have to check everything that comes, then becomes a list of everything that comes is made a list base on customer needs and since we are already here

Transmitting to more tan a millón world wide viewers
Marcos Gutiérrez, ESPN engineer: For all the Mexican Republic, ESPN also have Intenet, everywhere, worldwide event is everywhere

According to the Los Cabos Tourism Trust and the Secretary  of tourism of  Baja california Sur, the tennis event had comparable coverage to the meeting of the worlds leaders in Los Cabos at the G20 event of 2012.



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