The 4th Los Cabos Half Marathon was a great sporting and family party.


For the fourth consecutive year the Los Cabos Half Marathon took place in San José del Cabo. More than 2,000 competitors registered to participate in different distances, children in a 3 kilometer run, 5, 10 or 21 kilometers a half marathon, were the challenges available for runners to pick from. 

Blanca Madrid, Organizing Committee Co-Director : "... We had approximately 2 thousand runners registered, with more than a thousand who came from other cities to run in our event.  It’s incredible how much the community of runners has grown here in Los Cabos, as well as the spectators. People now leave their home and come out to cheer on the runners, people of Los Cabos really get involved."

Roxana Silva, Organizing Committee: "We’re very happy. We have the most scenic course in all of Mexico. People are truly fascinated....”   “And yes, about half or 60% are visitors. About 600 are foreigners and the rest from places outside Los Cabos.”

The Kenyan Mu-eb-lo who participated for the first time in this competition, attained 1st place with a time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 42 seconds.

Francis Mueblo, Kenyan, 1st place (translation): "it’s been great world class organization... the scenic view of the route is very nice and motivating while you are running ..."

Runners from different places on the mainland of Mexico also enjoyed the race.

Bárbara Vargas, CDMX runner: "... I was captivated by the part near the marina which was a combination of sand, cement and upswings, it was incredible ..."

Israel Aldana, CDMX runner: "... the route is demanding but it’s fun because it's not all flat and straight, there are curves, and uphill’s and down, and sand too..."

An example of effort and determination was shown by the team formed by Alan and blind runner Marcos.

Alan del Blanco, Blind Runners Guide: "… six years ago Marcos and I met at a triathlon in Playa del Carmen, since then a friendship developed thanks to a t-shirt that said “I attempt nothing. I achieve everything.” and so we started to go running together. I hope this is the first of many finish lines we cross together now that Marcos has given me the privilege of being his guide during this Los Cabos half marathon race... "

Marcos Velázquez, Blind Runner: "he was the super determining factor, he kept up the pace, because he doesn’t run very fast, but he endured my rhythm and that made me feel great and comfortable and finishing in this fashion, smiling ..."

Alan del Blanco: "Marcos has a website it’s:, we invite everyone to join. There are no limits, the only limitation is yourself..."

The organization of this Half Marathon was reinforced by the National Sports Institute and other groups experienced with other important races such as the Marathon and Half Marathon in Mexico City.

Alejandro Jaimes, CDMX, National Sports Institute: "... truthfully my admiration goes out to Los Cabos for the effort it has put into this Half Marathon.

.... everything from the day before events, the expo they put together, the delivery of runners kits and  numbers, and today during and after the race, the winner’s podium, the closing of streets, the coordination …”

The sporting event, the music and a healthy family atmosphere all provided unlimited color to this great Sunday in Los Cabos.

With information from Armando Figaredo, I’m Tony Perez for Cabo News Today.

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