The 4Th annual Lord of the Wind competition


Located in beautiful Los Barriles the kiteboarding and windsurfing competition is an exciting event. Their mission is to promote the largest International Kiteboarding, Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle Board event in Baja. The Rotary Club of Los Barriles is the organizing body of this community event, with major support from the BCS Tourism board, Annex Brands and others. Once again, this four day event was a big success, with proceeds to be used for ongoing and new Rotary projects.

How did Rotary become involved with this event?

Megan, a member of The Los Barriles Rotary Club and one of the organizers of the Lord of the Wind competition: "Rotary is very community oriented, and has been a part of this event since day one. All the proceeds from this event will go back to the community.

Using the proceeds from 2013, the Rotary Cabo del Este built a Technology Center in Los Barriles.  The goal is to encourage the local population to learn computation. This year’s goal is to initiate a laptop lending program and English language courses."

Founded November 21, 2005, the Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo Este has become the premier service club on the East Cape of Baja. Under the world wide banner of Rotary International their goal has remained constant to improve the overall quality of life on the East Cape without changing the rich heritage of the area.

"How long has this competition been taking place and tell us a bit of the overall event?

Felipe Valdez, organizer and Sponsor of the Lord of The wind competition: "It was born 4 years ago. It’s the biggest kiteboard competition in all of Mexico. Los Barriles is known for its winds. We have over 60 participants from around the world, and more than one thousand spectators here today! Lord of the Wind is the premier international Kite boarding, Windsurfing and SUP competition of Mexico. The warm waters of the sea of Cortez along with the consistent winds makes this event a must for the wind water sport competitor."

Felipe added: "This year we have a special guest with us Bryan Lake, the world champion in kite boarding."

Bryan Lake: "This is my fourth year at the Lord of the Wind event. The conditions have been great--windy every day. This really is a rock star event! It’s the first event of the year, and I hope to come back every year!"

This year’s first place competitor was Hope LeVin, followed by Kris Kinn in 2nd and Rachel Callahan in 3rd.

"How was your experience in Lord of The Wind?"

Hope Levin, the youngest female contestant in the competition: "It’s my firs time in Mexico. I have been kiteboarding for 9 years, and I hope to be back next year. It’s been fun!"

Overall an exciting event to begin the year in Baja Califonia Sur! I invite everyone to become a part of this noble and fun event!

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