This is the fundraising campaign for Marcelo´s Cystic Fibrosis bill


Hello. Just an update for all of our supporters

Marcelo is back to school, the last two weeks in the hospital were hard for him, and is just great to have him back playing with friends enjoying life at its best, back in the beach! Ocean mist is the only free medicine for Cystic Fibrosis. Love is the best medicine of all, thanks everybody for this. 

He will be back on Rady´s CF clinic on July, and Marcelo is getting all of his treatments, we thank you all for this wonderful gift of live. 

We now understad how much #marceloneedsus and we are taking this one step at a time. 

Please give what you can and do not forget to share with your family and friends. 

Marcelo was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), so he has been struggling  to breathe his whole life. Now, at nine years old his lungs can barely exchange oxygen. Until now he has been treated at Rady´s Childrens Hospital in San Diego. 

Marcelo has been a regular patient at the Rady´s Children CF Clinic  since 2006.

Our Atlas Insurance dropped us in 2013 because they didn´t want to pay the high bills anymore. Each hospitalization costs about $150K plus we pay $4K a month out of pocket for his medication.

The insurance cancelled us during his last hospitalization which was $190,000. Rady’s Children’s Hospital paid all but $100 of his bill for him and will probably help a lot with this current hospitalization which is $150,000. But they can’t keep helping that way because the bill is so high and so many kids come to Rady’s that can’t pay. Rady's doesn't turn any kid away. So the fund the hospital has for those kids that can't pay is getting depleted having to help us so much.

 I know it is a lot of money to be raised but we need that much to get him through the next 3 hospitalizations. 
Every day we have Marcelo in our lives is a blessing and a day of hope. Hope they will find the cure for CF, hope he will be OK, hope he will keep breathing. We love our son so much and I can not imagine a day with out him. 
With out propper treatment he will die. He needs the doctors to keep him alive. 
Please help us pay our hospital bills and keep up with his treatments. Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that will end his life eventually but every day we can have him is a gift.

Thank you all!

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