Tourists enjoy Whale watching 2019

Whale watching, takes place December thru April off the coastline of Baja California Sur is in force.
To be witnesses of this magnificent natural spectacle. Tourist service providers offer diverse services so both residents and visitors can live this experience up close.
In Los Cabos you can closely admire the Humpback Whales existence:
Regina Domingo Dir. Pelagic Safari: " The way to identify whales is through the tail and fin that are like our fingerprints. ".
Also there are those who take advantage of the season to monitor and study these incredible marine mammals:
Regina Domingo Dir. Pelagic Safari: "We are part of a project or we share data with them, a project called Happy Whales where they analyze how many whales have returned since last year, which are new, if they have reproduced, if they arrive with wounds or if they arrive without fins sometimes. The subject of humpback whale viewing is not just to see them jump; we have hydrophones we hear them sing… ".
Through a journey that starts from the Marina of Cabo San Lucas towards the open sea where it is likely to find yourself with these huge specimens breaching an event that never ceases to amaze visitors:
Ash, Tourist from England: "This was a really special trip for us. We came specially to see the whales here ... We have seen a few whales, yes, and some very playful ones, they are here with us now waving. Yes, Hello…"
Insert Shane Weldon, tourist from the UK: “Fantastic, yea, we’ve had the most amazing day, fantastic weather, we've seen loads of whales, loads of humpbacks, and it’s absolutely wonderful, yea. "
After conducting a census, the National Commission for Natural Protected Areas (Conanp), announced that in the El Vizcaino - Biosphere Reserve, located to the north of Baja California Sur, to date 79 of these marine mammals have identified.
Translation by Tony Perez Dillon

Tourists enjoy Whale watching 2019


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