National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo and Semarnat

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The controvers begin again with the wellknown National Marine Park Cab Pulmo, located in the municipality of Los Cabos in Baja California Sur. It seems tha the Cabo Cortes project that wa canceled in 2012 by thenPresident of Mexico Felipe Calderon, has now been reactivated. Armando Sanchez, Pres Sos BCS. This is not something conclusive, good or bad, its just an order given by the Colegiado to SEMARNAT where they require resolution of this issue.

Hector Perez Cortes subdelegate fo SEMARNAT BCS Management The branc of environmental impact and risk of thi offic issued a document denying the permit to proceed as well as expressin their dissatisfaction with the resolution.

The Cabo corte projec includes more than 3 thousand hotel rooms, more than 7000 homes, golf courses an a marina. It was also in May when SEMARNAT announce the rejection of the Golden Cape project because of its negativ environmental impact This would be built nea the Marine National Park whic has caused majo concern from environmentalists claiming that this could bring serious damage to the rich ecosystem o marine life which is one of the largest in the Sea of Cortez and where one of the largest living coral reefs in the world is located.

Armando Sanchez Pres. Sos BCS, is a major threat to the marine park of Cab Pulmo, what they ar offering is growing out of control infrastructure without a well thought urban project This will cause th extinction of the national marine park. Hector Perez Cortes subdelegat of Management for SEMARNAT BCS It´s a controversial projec because i is in a proximity to Cab Pulm National Par whic contain a coral reef in very good conditions and with unique feature.

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