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One of the most popular and attractive extreme sports for lovers of the sea and of strong emotions is surfing and Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, is ideal to learn and practice this activity.

Miguel Rojas, Surf Instructor "... First they have to know how to swim, a little exercise, they need to have good condition, then they are given the explanation on the beach ..."

The costs per person range from $ 1,600 pesos in groups to $ 2,000 pesos individually and, depending on their personal skills, in one or two lessons you can tame the waves with a little practice. As for the ages, they vary.

Miguel Rojas, Surf Instructor: "To surf from 8 years old, when you already know how to swim ... from 8 years old to 60 or 70 years".

Buster Tarumianc (8 years old): "... My parents brought me here since I was in preschool and I’ve surfed here since then and I fell in love with surfing...

 What would you say is the most difficult thing when your surfing?

"... I would say it's paddling when a huge set comes, going over the waves or getting on the board and doing what you have to do ..."

Marco Riveras, surfer: "... I'm over 30, the last of my 30's, I’m in to it. I'm doing it, one never stops learning to surf ... you need a lot of  exercise, no smoking, no drinking ... this is the most complete exercise I've ever tried in my whole life ... "

Currently youngsters and children of all ages come to Los Cabos exclusively to learn. There are those who raise their children from age 3 on a surf board.

Taylor Gill, Minnesota: "We feel very comfortable. We all managed to stand up on our first attempt ... The most difficult part would be balancing write when you get pushed off at first or paddling, it's a lot of work ... You feel free and it's a lot of fun, it's different from any other sport so I really enjoy it ... "

Gaby Norris, Minnesota: "It's a very good place to learn, the waves aren’t too big…"

Los Cabos has 6 surf beaches for beginners and advanced, while in the rest of the state there are 26 places including San Juanico, on the Pacific where the longest wave in the world is located.

In this tourist destination several tournaments are held every year making surfing an activity that already generates a significant tourist influx along with sport fishing and golf.

Translation by Tony Perez


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