The Californias 3rd Forum of Marketing and Sales


As part of the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Sudcaliforniana Association of developers of time share ASUDESTICO, took place the Californias third Forum of marketing and sales at the Hotel Sheraton Grand Hacienda del Mar

With the assistance of more than 500 people the days 1 and 2 of June the Forum start with a meeting with students of the Los Cabos who filled the Auditorium of the Hotel Sheraton Grand Hacienda del Mar

Pablo Diaz Rivera, Coordinator of the training section, ASUDESTICO: "… there were a section all morning which is for the student community to hi schools and local universities to they know who is the industry and has perceptions that may be wrong in this industry and have the opportunity to participate." "To open a job fair that I think is a very important theme..."

Fernanda Martinez, student: "I come from the UABS and studying foreign trade. "They seemed very important to me and what I can do I think it would be as the majority told us to be more humble and that we try to work as a team"

Enrique Barajas, student: "to me liked so much the first presentation that was on leadership I liked much what us told on a question that is very easy of make but very difficult of respond on it of who am I and the difference of what is a leader and what is a Chief"

The Rector of the University of the Golfo de California was very pleased by this third Forum.

Jorge Tellez, one of the Deans of the ASUDESTICO partners spoke of statistics

Jorge Tellez, ASUDESTICO: "today with the statistics that we see Cabo is with a 10% of the rooms that has Cancun the 2 ° national place to level of sales so wants to say we have 14 15 thousand hotel rooms against 84 thousand that has Cancun and with regard to sales of time shared we are the 2 ° place to national level above Vallarta up der Mazatlan above others destinations"


Among the exhibitors who participated included the presence of Howard C. Nausbam, President of ARDA that is the American Resorts Development Association one of the most important global organizations of timeshare, who spoke of the leadership in this industry.

Also featured prominent international speaker Rafael Piccolo with a great career in sales at IBM and later at Hewlett Packard in Mexico where he became General Director and engineer. On this occasion, he spoke of the leadership.

Rafael Piccolo: "the leader is who form leaders, if I can form young leaders children that come and you will see now that my focus my Conference also to the children because those large leaders of the tomorrow today have 3, 4 and 5 years you sees to Tiger Goods began to the 3 years and do not get to be the most large player " ," the 2nd largest in the history of golf, so the leadership, I think, is trying to be an example and motivate people to want to have challenges to make things happen to grow and be based on values..."

One of the most anticipated conferences was the one that gave the writer and researcher in Neuromarketing and Neuro-innovation, Jürgen Klaric, Master Coach for over 16 years, consultant and speaker and author of the books: "We are blind" and "Selling to the mind and not to the people". Considered among the 10 most influential marketers of the world.

Karlic to spoke also of his optical about the timeshare industry.

Jürgen Klaric, Master Coach: "One can see that it is has reinvented, it has been very interesting because was a repressed sector because the people already not wanted to know of that product, that is very nice, the sector is again more honest, more direct, more professional and going to re-emerge because is a good product..."

According to attendees, one of the speakers with most charismatic by his casual style and full of funny anecdotes about the relationship of the Japanese and the Latin American culture, was the exhibition by Yokoi Kenji, master in Humanities and creator of the tourism Foundation with purpose who addressed the theme "Passion and purpose".

A success was the Californias third Forum of marketing & sales; dedicated, on this occasion, to the theme of leadership.

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