Sabor a Cabo Rural

Recently the organizers of Sabor a Cabo Rural met to present the details of this year’s edition. The venue for the regional gastronomic festival will be Huerta Orgánica Los Tamarindos, in Animas Bajas. The place was chosen because it has suitable rural characteristics. It conserves a construction of more than 100 years, surrounded by an orchard by a river with a history of about 300 years.

Enrique Silva, Gastronomic Director  Sabor a Cabo Rural: ...

"Well this event has already been very much explained the origin of this event and I am the director of this gastronomic festival and it is my turn to give it strength. Last year was very successful and this year we have tickets for 800 adults 50 children and 50 VIP tickets. Prices are $ 800 pesos for adults $ 200 for children and $ 1,800 for VIPs this should give us, if we continue with the trend of last year, the usefulness to meet the objectives.

One of them is to make a book which contains the recipes of all the dishes that the attendees will taste at the event. "

The event also had the presence of Edith Jiménez, Executive Chef of Edith's group who is also one of the founders of this event who told us why she is interested in local cuisine.

Edith Jiménez, Founder Sabor a Cabo Rural: ...

"Forty years ago I arrived in Cabo San Lucas at the age of fifteen,  I did not know what  gastronomy was to start with, but little by little, I worked in the restaurants in  Cabo San Lucas. From place to place I realize that in relation to food, when you went out to the shops and looked for tomatoes, the tomatoes that you found were green tomatoes, you never got to see red tomatoes because they did not get to mature in time. So I started researching Southern Baja California's cuisine little by little.

Twenty-five years ago I bought a special car to go to the mountains and do my research and little by little, I knocked on the doors of the ranchers looking for a restaurant knowing that there were no restaurants in the area and so you realize that each house served burritos of machaca in the part of the mountain range and on the coast, everything is based on seafood and fish of season”

The dishes as in the previous editions will be prepared with 100% local products from Baja California Sur, prepared by the restaurants that join Sabor a Cabo Rural interested in preserving traditional recipes among which birria, white barbecue, talayotes, grilled kid, chanfaina, discada, and sweets, among other dishes.

Sabor a Cabo Rural 2018, will be held on November 18 from 12:00 to 5pm.

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