1st Christmas Boat Parade in Cabo San Lucas

With a bright and colorful parade of boats, for the first time the Christmas spirit was celebrated in the bay of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

Just after sunset more than twenty boats of all kinds paraded lit with hundreds of colored lights crossing the length of famous El Medano beach.

Tourist pirate boats, the well-known trimarans that usually take tourists to contemplate the sunset and several well-known ”pangas”,  7 meter LOA made with glass bottoms, also carried Christmas spirit.

Guillermo Rivelino, Organizing Committee: ... we had a 100-foot yacht, 2 pirate ships, 2 yachts, 2 sailboats and 2 catamarans participate...

Local resident families as well as national and foreign tourists enjoyed the uncommon parade.

Diana Valeria - Cabo San Lucas: "... I came to the event with my family so we could live this experience together, we saw other families enjoying music, you could be dancing but at the same time, if you looked out towards the ocean you could see all decorated ships”

Christina from Alberta Canada: "I think it was fantastic. All the boats with the lights and the parade they made ..."

The row of boats ended up parading around the bay of Cabo San Lucas before hundreds of spectators who stood on the jetty at the entrance to the marina of this port to admire the boats as the slowly passed by on the way back to each ones respective dock.

Catalina Villalas de Guadalajara: "Beautiful. Well, in my point of view a little short, it should have lasted longer”

This aquatic parade ended with the awarding of prizes to the best-lit boats and a splendid display of fireworks.


Parade 1

Parade 2

Parade 3

Parade 4

Parade 5







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