Total Moon Eclipse

With total clear skies over Los Cabos, Baja California Sur a total lunar eclipse could be observed, thisastronomical phenomena known as a Blood Moon Eclipse is considered to be the most important event for astronomy during the current 2019.

"Two events come together right now, two events that would be: the super moon and the eclipse of the moon. The super moon is when the moon is closest to the earth, normally all stars travel in an ellipse shape path, the moon does the same around the earth and due to the ellipse shape movement, there is a moment when it is closer, and another moment when it’s further away ".

We were able to observe the moon 14% larger and 30% brighter.

Amateur astronomy enthusiasts and members of the Astronomical Society of Los Cabos gathered to observe this awesome phenomenon with the help of specially equipped telescopes.

"It's fantastic to be able to see it with all this equipment. I've always liked all of this since childhood. It a passion I’ve had".

"These phenomena’s have happened throughout history and have set the pace for major changes... The desert is a fantastic place to observe this type of event."

During 2019 another important astronomical phenomenon due:

"There is going to be the transit of Mercury from side to side of the Sun, it happens during the day. But now we can observe the sun safely through telescopes with solar filters."

We won’t have the opportunity to look above and see a magnificent such as this one, till the year 2021.

Translation by Tony Perez Dillon 

Asi se vivio el Eclipse total de Luna en Los Cabos




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