Interview with Tom Parker Bowles and Bill Knott


The Los Cabos Tourism Board (FITURCA) through its representative in Europe, Manuel Diaz Cebrián, invited Tom Parker Bowles (son of Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall and current wife of Prince Charles of England), and Bill Knott, both prestigious and international gastronomy critics and writers.

After touring part of the Baja California peninsula including the famous Valle de Guadalupe which is the main wine-growing area of Mexico, they concluded their trip in Los Cabos where they tasted the great variety of the cuisine of this tourist destination.

Tom Parker Bowles is the author of five cookbooks and in 2010 he won the 2010 Food Writers Award for his writings on British food. He is known for his performances as a judge in numerous television series on the UK and in the rest of the world for GQ, Esquire and The Mail in his Sunday section. In February 2017 he announced the announcement of a great festival of the new gastronomy in London called London Evening Standard Food Month which will be held throughout the month of June 2017.

In October 2014, he released his fifth book entitled Let's Eat Meat: Recipes for Prime Cuts, Cheap Bits and Glorious Scraps of Meat. He publishes his sixth book in October 2016 titled Fortnum & Mason: The Cook Book.

Bill Knott, has a great trajectory like Chef that later, replaced by his hobby of writer, and today is gastronomic critic recognized internationally. He is a food lover since he was a child, inheriting that taste from his grandmother and his mother. He writes for the Financial Times Magazine, How to Spend it. He commented on the wonders of Mexican gastronomy and Los Cabos in general.

Interview with Tom Parker Bowles:

Interview with Bill Knott:

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