Los Cabos International Film Fest


Los Cabos International Film Fest

For the sixth consecutive year the Los Cabos International Film Festival will take place in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur from 8th thru the 12th of November.

This year for the first time the festival will have an additional cause

Since it will provide funds to Red Autism Foundation (dedicated to assisting children with autism) with silent auctions and special screenings for autistic children will take place.

The festivals program includes 41 films, 30 of which will be premieres, with several probable  Oscar nomination.

Hugo Villa, Director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival: "... five of them are nominated by their countries to go for the Oscars, those of the Hungarian film, the Israeli film, the Irish film ..."

Also There are films with good odds from the United States.

Hugo Villa, Director of the VI International Film Festival of Los Cabos: "Battle of the Sexes, Downsizing Mole Game and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, I think any of those will have at least one nomination for the Oscars ..."

The Festival’s slogan is “Come and see what the neighbors doing”, it’s a film exchange between the United States, Canada and Mexico and each year a tribute to a film personality takes place.

Hugo Villa, Director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival: "This year we have our tribute with Paul Schrader that comes with the movie First Reformed, which premiered in Latin America"


Schrader has directed films such as Mishima and American Gigolo and was the screenwriter for Raging Bully and Taxi Driver.

The Festival Director commented that there are several reasons why this Festival is very attractive to members of the film industry.

Hugo Villa, Director of the Los Cabos International Film Festival: "everyone wants to come to Los Cabos, to the great hotels, to the extraordinary service that the people of Los Cabos give to those who visit them and the friendly inclination between Mexico-United States and Canada…"


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